The Tragedy Of Othello By William Shakespeare Essay

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Othello becomes a tragedy of incomprehension where hate, manipulation and revenge derive from the arrogant and blinded nature of the characters and their interactions with one another. Within the Aristotelian tragedy of ‘Othello’, the attribute of incomprehension creates the ultimate downfall of Othello through Rodrigo’s initial and prevalent manipulation by Iago to further his plans, Iago’s inability to comprehend Othello’s genuine trust for him which fuels his blinded revenge and Othello’s incomprehension of Desdemona’s loyalty towards him which leads to his jealous rage and in turn, his death. Alongside Othello’s gradual buildup of jealousy throughout the play by Iago’s masterful plans, the downfall of Othello ultimately demonstrates the result of the incomprehension between the human dealings of the characters within the play.
Throughout the first act to the final act, Iago never fully comprehends Othello’s trust towards him, being blinded by ambition and revenge and leading to his fall as an antagonist. Such creates a paradox where Iago’s plans could only be fulfilled with Othello’s utmost trust however, is what Iago clearly betrays for his plan to work. In multiple instances, Othello shows signs of trust towards him as a companion, friend and soldier. Act 3 Scene 3, “And for I know thou 'rt full of love and honesty, and weigh’st thy words before thou giv’st them breath,” indicates Othello’s trust for Iago. These words however, are not taken in by Iago as a compliment…

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