The Tragedy Of Lyndon B. Johnson And The Vietnam War

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All post world war II presidents have had some involvement in the Vietnam conflict, but does that mean we blame them all for this failure? Does the sins of Lyndon B. Johnson equal Harry S. Truman? Of course not, each president had different levels of involvement, and such the blame should not be equally shared. Lyndon B. Johnson should be held the most responsible for the lives, and money lost followed by Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and the least accountable Harry S. Truman. Lyndon B. Johnson deserves the most blame in the disaster of the Vietnam War. Johnson ignored John F. Kennedy’s Vietnam withdrawal plan and continued the effort. Johnson decided to send ground troops to Vietnam, Johnson decided to implement the draft which forced young American men to fight and die in this war. That is the short answer however there is more to why Lyndon B. Johnson deserves the most blame. Johnson approved more military advisers to aid South Vietnam efforts, which lead to the …show more content…
Eisenhower provided France with bombers and non-combat personnel, he then provided military and economic aid to southern Vietnam after France withdrew and sent a total of 900 U.S. military advisors to South Vietnam. Eisenhower vowed not to send any US troops there only advise/aid South Vietnam. Harry S. Truman deserves no responsibility for the Vietnam War. Truman’s involvement was very minuscule, and a part of his general foreign policy of aiding European countries post world war II. Truman gave military aid to the French, who were at war with Vietnam, under his "Marshall Plan", suppling military pilots to fly "supply missions" for the French and minor combat roles. These two men did very little in terms of the 58,236 American deaths and $584 billion dollars lost and shouldn’t be accountable for the disaster of the

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