Lyndon Johnson's Great Society

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To insure we do not have a recurrence of the great depression we must start with an even greater society and that is exactly what Lyndon B. Johnson had created. Lyndon Johnson the 37th president of the United States did not go to school believing that one day he would run this country. Mr. Johnson came from a less fortunate family, who attended college to teach the less fortunate children of minorities, this did help his presidency because he could see where people other than the rich first class was coming from and acknowledged that they needed more help. President Johnson believed that a great society would be a society “Where progress is the servant of our needs,” (Johnson qtd. in Great). Lyndon Johnson 's Great Society was founded upon the idea that Kennedy had started that if you want a great society you must make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity. Many of Lyndon 's great society 's plans came from Mr. John F. Kennedy 's …show more content…
Lyndon Johnson did a lot to help the working class of America in the 60swhen he became president after John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Lyndon Baines Johnson did a lot for the Americans he passed a great number of bills and acts to help out the common people of America to get a better chance to start and create a better life for them and their children, the future generation of America. Without Lyndon Johnsons’ great society we would be a less great America. Lyndon Johnson is America’s greatest underdog.
Like every great underdog you must start off in a struggling situation. When Lyndon Johnson was young he grew up in a small house with a farm and a lot of siblings, he was a victim of the great depression, but his work ethic was outstanding and he did know how to give the people what they wanted so he overcame the struggles of

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