How Did Lyndon B. Johnson's Speech In The Vietnam Speech

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The Vietnam war was a very controversial war. Many believed that it was too bloody of a war, with no reward for the loses. However, during Lyndon B. Johnson’s presidency, he strongly believed that there was a need to help South Vietnam become independent. During his speech at Johns Hopkins University, he updates the audience on the war, explains why we are at war, and lastly shares his goals for war. This speech was given in 1965, a year after the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, which led Johnson to enter the United States into war in Vietnam.
The speaker in this source is President Lyndon B. Johnson. Johnson was part of the Democratic party and took office after Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. Johnson grew up in poverty and wanted to help people
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He also wants to share his goal for the outcome of war. He tells the Audience that we are fighting to protect South Vietnam because “since 1954 every American president has offered support to the people of South Vietnam” (132). He also claims we are there to show other people outside of South- East Asia that America will be there to help if they are attacked as well. By stating his reasons why he sent the U.S to fight in Vietnam he is appealing to those who believe in loyalty, and also those who believe in zero sum gain. By helping a state like South-Vietnam, who is under communist attack, Johnson shows that a lost to communism is a lost America cannot afford. Johnson is also trying to persuade the audience that the U. S’s presence in Vietnam is necessary, by acknowledging those who do not believe that we have a responsibility there, or believe that our efforts will not gain results. He Counter argues the people that believe this, by stating that the U.S has the right to help fight “for the defense of freedom” (132). He then explicitly tells the audience that the only way for a peaceful settlement is that South Vietnam becomes independent, which he defines as “securely guaranteed and able to shape its own relationship to all others- free from outside interference- tied to no alliance- a military base for no other” (133). This appeals to those who believe that containment is necessary because he states that he will not stop fighting until South Vietnam does not have the threat of communism anymore, while also appealing to those that believe that appeasement never works. Johnson’ s speech intends to inform and persuade the audience why the U.S is in Vietnam, and what his goal for the war

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