Essay on The Tragedy Of A Happy Family

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A happy family is something that everyone wishes for. Unfortunately, it is impossible for families to be happy all the time. There are many types of crises that families go through, a few examples are, loss of a family member, loss of a job or divorce. Bad things happen no matter how good of a person we are. It is how we handle a crisis that affects our family the most. The first time I got married was right after I graduated high school. Little did I know my life was about to be one crisis after another. My first husband turned out to be a dangerous and crazy crack head. A few of the things he did during our marriage was, he shot my dog, put a gun to my mother’s head, vandalized my parent’s car, cheated on me, threatened to burn down my parents’ house while they were sleeping if I did not do what he wanted, kicked me out of our home when I was nine months pregnant with our second child, and he tried to kill me by putting drugs in my drink without me knowing it.
To get away from him I had to convince him to go back to Illinois, find a job, a place to live and our two girls and I would move once he was settled. This was one week after our youngest daughters first birthday. Thankfully, we have not seen him in thirteen years. After he left I filled for divorce and a restraining order. It took me almost a year to get a divorce; he would not accept the papers so I had to run it in the newspapers for two weeks. I knew I had to protect my girls and the only way to do this was…

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