The Traditional Belief Of Cherokee Indians Essay

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The Traditional Belief System- Lifestyle Cherokee Indians are a small portion of Native Americans, however their culture is slowly declining as time goes on. There are many Cherokee ancestry all around the world, including myself, but there are only around 288,500 federally recognized citizens that still belong to a Cherokee tribe. As this culture can seem difficult to understand from its complexity, it is actually quite simple. There are still many elements used today that are from the original system. Some of these elements have changed over time or been modified, this belief system is still a major part of day-to-day life for many people. The language that was used by past Cherokee Indians had many soft sounds, but also had a difficult writing system that contained many symbols. Present day Cherokee people speak English, however there are still some that use the traditional Cherokee language. Over the years, shelter for the Cherokee people has drastically changed. Olden time Cherokee Indians lived in traditional houses in settled villages, often near a body of water, particularly near a river. “There houses were made by weaving rivercane, wood, and vines into a frame, then coating the frame with plater. The roof was either thatched with grass or shingled with bark” (Weebly). Present day Cherokee people live in modern homes, although some still choose to live in the traditional home. As not many people today would think, Cherokee tradition is very similar to…

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