How Did John Henry Adams Become President

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To some degree a precedent had been set in American politics. This was the fact the president’s secretary of state became president next. John Quincy Adams, Monroe’s secretary of state, intended to keep the train rolling. Benefitting from being the former president’s son, Adams also had some unpleasant associations with it. In 1808 Adams, in order to remain politically viable, left his federalists and became a republican. To some extent Adams was overqualified to be president having served as the U.S. minister to Russia as well as having helped draft the treaty of Ghent, Adams had excellent foreign policy skills. Along with his skills, Adams also had some flaws. Ones of which was his lack of loyalty. Henry Clay of Kentucky, an equally …show more content…
The U.S tried to deal with them like they would deal with European power, with foreign policies and exchanging treaties. Jackson was also not afraid to use force to remove the Indians. He wrote a bill that would remove the Indians west of the Mississippi. This bill floundered, however, barley passing the House. In 1825 a group of Creek Indians agrees to a treaty to turn over land to the State of Georgia but was quickly repudiated but a tribal council. Another obstacle was the Cherokee that held significant land in Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama. Land hunger, again, drove Georgia to try to evict the tribe. Asking Jackson for help, Jackson had a bill drafted this bill was described by some to be harsh, arrogant and racist but was still passed in 1830. Faced with such realities some Cherokee accepted the offer of $68 Million and 32 million acres west of the Mississippi. In the next two years there were a few court cases that mad it all the way to the Supreme Court. In 1838, General Winfield Scott arrived with and army and began to dive the Indians towards Oklahoma, this was known as the trail of tears. Many other tribe were forced out and if they would not go then they were

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