The Toy Box Killer By David Parker Ray Essay

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David Parker Ray also known as “The Toy Box Killer” was born in Belen, New Mexico. To the world he is known a sadistic lust killer who killed and raped women throughout Phoenix, Albuquerque, Truth or Consequences, and Elephant Butte. He is described generally as a white male with a height of 6’2. In his younger years he was said to be very attractive but extremely shy when it came to girls. In fact David said he never indulged in sexual activities until the age of eighteen.. He was seen by others as a polite and well-spoken gentleman. David is the first born child to his mother Opel and father. Although, soon after his mother and father both divorced. David and his sister Peggy was sent to live with their grandparents on a farm near Mountainair, New Mexico. As a child before the killings began he used to fantasize about killing young girls at the age of 10. In 1957, David graduated from Mountainair High School and immediately joined the military in 1960. David was married three different times where they all ended in divorce although. As a result of his marriages David was the father of two kids to whom he was very kind and gentle to. Friends interviewed said that he never raised his voice at them and was always very calm. It is suspected that David had about 14-60 victims that he came in contact with in the Toy Box. His victims were usually prostitutes and young girls. In the dungeon as some call it he made tools and objects that included things such as whips, pulleys,…

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