Essay on The Tone of V for Vendetta

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Movies in this modern era can make one feel emotions without that individual even noticing. The amount thought put into movies is so overwhelming; the making of every aspect of any given movie is pre-determined. Although movies are not real, they can immerse one in genuine feelings and emotions. The movie V for Vendetta projects a very motivational and deep mood by the use of cinematography, sound, and by the amazing costume design. The camera angles and lighting in the movie V for Vendetta reflect a very intense and mysterious disposition. Throughout the whole movie, hard lighting is used almost constantly. Especially when "V" is on screen, hard lighting is used to emphasize the emotionless mask he has on. The deeper shadows in the …show more content…
Every time Evey gets a chance to read the story left for her, a sad and deep compilation is played on the violin. What seems like a very subtle sound is actually quite significant. Sound effects in V for Vendetta are one of the most widely manipulated aspects of sound in the movie. Whether it's the sound of a knife or a building exploding, sound effects are inserted very strategically. The costumes in V for Vendetta put the viewer is a somewhat disturbed and mystified mood. Although it's always the same, V's costume brings to the movie an aspect of mystery. The Guy Fawkes mask he wears over his face adds impending vagueness to the character, making the viewer obsessed with discovering V's identity. V's costume adds just the right amount of suspense, leaving the viewer constantly shrouded in mystery. Evey's costume in the second half of the movie gives the movie a chaotic and horrific nature. After Evey shaves her head, the tone of the movie, specifically her character, takes on a new substance. The slight inane aspect of the movie turns into a major tone just by the manipulation of a costume. V for Vendetta is a very good example of a movie that has a distinct tone. While watching the movie, one feels intensified emotions that really make no logical sense to feel. The movie makes one question what and who is truly honest. It is very motivational and philosophically empowering. After watching V for Vendetta, one could

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