Conflict Resolution In The Classroom

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. A male student tried ripping off the bracelet of a female student as they class was walking to art. The female student began to cry and the male student ran into the art room. The teacher had both students come out to the hall. She told both students to calm down and then asked them if they would both like to solve the problem together. Each student took a turn explaining what the problem was.

I thought having the students come into the hall was a great idea so the students could work the problem out without doing it in front of the other students. The teacher used a calm voice and did not show any frustration or anger towards either student. Even though she knew something had happened between the two students, and one of them was in tears,
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The contract explains what is expected of the students when there is a conflict between them and another student. There are three steps the students take when finding a resolution to the conflict. The first step is stop (calm down), the second step is slow down (agree to solve the problem), and the third step is go (problem solve). The stop light in the classroom is a visual reminder.

. I think it is important for students to know at the beginning of the school year how conflicts will be resolved when they happen between them and another student. The teacher has a stoplight in the classroom which serves as a visual reminder of the three steps of conflict resolution. In my opinion the second step is the most important because both students have to agree to work things out and solve the problem before they can take turns sharing their feelings.

The teacher has a box with a teddy bear sitting in front of it which she calls the Teddy Bear Box. The students can tell the teddy bear how they are feeling by writing it down on a piece of paper and putting the paper in the box. The teacher will then talk to the class about the problem and have them come up with a solution. She does not share the name of the student who wrote down their

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