The Three Religions Essay

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I believe that the three religions should be grouped together as each seems to branch off from the previous religion. Judaism is the oldest of the three and provides a good foundation for the other two. Christianity came second as a branch of Judaism. There are talks of Jesus and Abraham in the Islam religion showing that it is also a branch off of Judaism, however it isn’t tied into Christianity as much. Each of the three religions are monotheistic, they each worship a single god, the same god so it seems. If the three worship the same god, it seems right that they should have similar history, beliefs, and practises.
All three religions share similar history. Each seems to start out with Adam and Eve and the fall. Then goes on to the story of Abraham obeying God and almost sacrificing his own son Isaac, however, the Muslim religion believes that it may have actually been is son Ismail. Each of the three religions even have a mention of Jesus, but view him a bit differently. The Jews seen him as a messiah, or as the anointed one. They believed that Jesus would be the one who fulfills their apocalyptic expectations. The Christians seen him a bit differently. They believed that he was the messiah, and that he would bring the apocalypse, but also that he was fully divine and fully human. They saw Jesus as the son of God. They believed that he was killed and resurrected. The Muslims also viewed Jesus differently. They believed he could be a messiah, but didn’t believe that he…

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