Comparing Three Spirituality, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, And Buddhism

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The three religions I will be comparing are Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Each of these religions has similarities on their views on basic human needs and questions about the world they live in. All of the religions of the world have different ways of approaching things, but at the same time these religions have similar ways of approaching things in life. For me personally, I have been brought up in a Roman Catholic household. As a Catholic Christian, I want to see the similarities between my religion and the two others mentioned. The end goal of each religion is to have a happier life, live out its religions values, do good unto others, and to focus on the spiritual self. Christianity is the largest religion in the world. …show more content…
Buddhism teaches the discoveries attained by man, through the experience of awakening. The Buddha says, one way of understand Buddhism is living and meditation. During this process of becoming the Buddha, he was asked to leave his body and pass into nirvana. Nirvana is the state of eternal bliss that is ultimate salvation. Nirvana is the goal for all Buddhists; they want to experience nirvana just like Siddhartha did. The key beliefs of Buddhism is that life is full of suffering, people suffer because they desire worldly things. The only way to end the suffering is to stop desiring things, and the only way stop suffering is to follow the Eightfold Path. One thing to mention is that the Buddha was not a God; he was an ordinary human who meditated for a long portion of time, and truly found his full being. He went through a period of enlightenment; he had to overcome fear and passion. Siddhartha discovered the Four Noble Truths, which caused him to reach enlightenment. He learned not to be selfish, and so he became the Buddha. Your well-being in this life is affected by your karma in your previous lives, and your karma in this life dictates your well-being in your future lives. In regards to salvation, a man lives his own lives and has no one to blame but himself. As a follower of Buddhism you need to work for your own salvation. Buddhists believe in eternal life. But Buddhists are not sure what the next life will be like. It all depends on your karma in your present

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