The Importance Of Respecting This Man

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The Three reasons why I Respect this Man

(The paper of Christopher Eric Christenson)

Have you ever lost someone that was so close to you? Have you ever been in a situation that would affect your life forever? Do you get reminders every day, that the your loved one is gone? Do you wish you could go back so you can hug them, and say “I love you”. It’s sad when you have lost one of the most important people in your life, and you can’t go back to relive the moments you took for granite. I lost my brother in the month of December, he was twenty-five and had his whole life ahead of him. He was an amazing brother towards me, he always had my back, always laughed at my jokes, and most of all loved me more and more each day. He was a man with
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Chris was loyal to his friends and family. I respected the fact that he didn’t turn on the people he loved when things got tough. He may have been a little arrogant at times, then again who isn’t. My brother was the one man, that I saw as “perfect". He didn’t leave anyone behind when he reached one of his goals. His loyalty stood strong towards everyone, especially to the women he loved. Chris was a faithful man not only to his family, but to the love of his life. He wasn’t going to be the type of man to hurt a woman, and make her look like a fool for loving him. He would do anything to keep people happy. I think the best part about my brother is that he knew what it meant to love someone, and want to be with them forever. He wasn’t the type of guy to go from woman to woman. He wanted that special kind of woman, to have and to hold. I respected the fact that he was not like our father, he knew how to treat a woman with respect and loyalty. He was a great brother, and he showed me what I should look for in a man way into the future. Not only did he show faithfulness to his girlfriend, but to his siblings as well. He never treated us, other than his siblings. He showed us that we were his only siblings, and that wouldn’t change. He proved that to me everyday, that he was here forever, whether in life, or in spirit. Clearly, my brother stands strong with his loyalty, and that will never

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