Essay on The Three Parts Of Morality

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3.1 The Three Parts of Morality
In this chapter, the author tells us that morality, which is generally understood to be about decent human behavior, seems to be concerned with three things: (1) relations between man and man — fair play and harmony between individuals, (2) the things inside each man — tidying up or harmonizing the things inside each individual, and (3) the power that made him — the general purpose of human life. Man, he says, is usually concerned about the first thing only — if it doesn 't hurt anyone else, anything else he does is OK. But without looking at the inside of oneself and working on cleaning that up, Dr. Lewis says, man is only deceiving himself. The focus, therefore, should first be on becoming a good man and then on influencing the makings of a good society — without good men we cannot have a good society. The author, further states that since, as Christians, we believe we can live forever, we need to focus also on how we relate to our creator — are we working toward the fulfillment of His purpose. Hence, he says that we need to focus on all three aspects of morality.

3.2 The Cardinal Virtues
In this chapter the author recognizes that morality focuses on the seven virtues of man. Three of them are called theological virtues and four of them are called cardinal virtues. In this chapter, he speaks mainly of the cardinal virtues as he will attend to the theological virtues at a later time. The four cardinal virtues are: (1) prudence, which has to…

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