Essay on The Three Key Points Of The Renaissance

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Turning Life Around
(A Discussion of The Three Key Points of The Renaissance)
"The Renaissance of the fifteenth century was, in many things, great by what it designed than by what it achieved," Walter Pater. It was in the fifteenth century that the Renaissance, or rebirth of many things culturally happened in Italy and then gradually grew throughout Europe. This rebirth happened as a direct result of the fall of the Roman Empire, which led Europe into a period of decline, they called this the "Dark Ages" (Basic Ideas of the Renaissance). There are many people who look at the Renaissance as a time where only art science and exploration were being rethought, but it was much more. It may be true in fact that these elements in the time were reborn and looked at differently, however they were not the only things that were being reformed. The simplest and shortest answer that includes all areas that were being reborn is the importance of the Greeks and Romans in both their work and their living habits and outlooks. The Renaissance opened peoples eyes to new ways at looking at situations and ideas and led to the bettering of life from what it had come to. The Renaissance of the fifteenth century had three key ideas which were, humanism, individualism and lastly a more broad outlook rather than just focusing on religious views.
To begin, humanism was extremely popular during the time of the Renaissance and even influenced much of the Italian culture that came to be. It was…

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