The Three Key Components Of Multiculturalism

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Register to read the introduction… Learning about one's own cultural identity is critical in starting a multicultural education. If a person understands the culture that they belong to they will be more likely to respect other cultures for being different. When people look at other cultures they need to see them in that culture's perspective. Blum was arguing that it is not necessary to agree with every aspect of another culture, but it is necessary to respect it (571). By seeing and respecting cultures in their view it teaches the third concept of valuing overall diversity within society. Blum gave an example of how a significant figure like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. needs to be taught in a multicultural way. He said that either he is currently presented as a leading figure to the black community or as a leading contributor to humanity. Blum says that both need to be emphasized at the same time to encompass his accomplishments for all cultures (573). Multicultural education teaches how different cultures influence full society as well as their own culture as an individual culture. By teaching in that way it establishes a connection of common knowledge and experience with all cultures, which is key to …show more content…
They need to activate lobbies in D.C. and speak with congressmen to pass a bill that will activate a plan for multicultural education. When the youth of America become educated with multiculturalism, the way they think and see the world will differ from any other generation on this world. When the way people think changes to be accepting and respectful of other cultures, people of color will no longer be marginalized. These changes will not happen quickly and dramatically, but once antiracism and multiculturalism become introduced to the education curriculum, increased implementation will

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