Effects Of Multiculturalism

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Multiculturalism act of 1971
The world views Canada as a multicultural and diverse country, but Canada was not always like this. Before Canada became a diverse country, it was a biased country. The people living here were discriminated because of their ethnicity and colour. People weren’t allowed to do things other people with different ethnicity can do. The white Canadians had rights that others did not have. The 1971 multicultural act happened because of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, changed the way people lived. This also changed the way Canadian citizens currently lived. This act, was the start of all the other multicultural act throughout the years. People thought that all these multicultural acts weren’t a good idea, but some disagreed. This
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People would normally think having an act that makes the country more diverse would be better for the country, but some people disagreed. These acts impacted Canada differently, depending on the person’s races and ethnicity. There were negative and positive results from these acts. “Multiculturalism was intended to preserve the cultural freedom of all individuals and provide recognition of the cultural contributions of diverse ethnic groups to Canadian society.” (Gagnon, Erica Canadian multiculturalism policy, Canadian Museum of immigration Pier 21, 1988). More multiculturalism acts occurred because of this 1971 act. The 1976 immigration act occurred because of this act. The point system which was created caused the immigrants immigrating to Canada to be more useful and smarter. Canada became a diverse country. Some ethnic enclaves were learning about other cultures. They would learn each other 's medical method, cooking style, languages, clothing, and, artistic methods (dance, art). People could try using other cultural techniques to help them. Hospital or clinics could use other culture medical methods because they might be better or they may have a medical method which would cure a disease or help them, which the hospital or clinic couldn’t do anything about the situation. Learning another language would help you socialize with other people because they might only speak one language and you won’t understand it. Understanding …show more content…
The reason why it became a diverse country, was because of the 1971 multicultural act, led by Pierre Elliot Trudeau. This changed Canada because of the results it made. It created more acts because of what he did. The 1976 and the 1988 act, were the two main acts that were caused because of the 1971 act. Some of the acts that were made after the 1971 act, were to tweak the problems that the 1971 multiculturalism act had. There were small acts and big acts. The results of the act created more positive than negative results because it made Canada become a better place. It made Canada become what it is today. People gain the knowledge to speak another language, learn how to create a variety of foods using different ingredients from different ethnicity or mix different recipes that they learned from other people to create a new one, and learned different customs, and styles (hair, eating, clothing). Some people couldn’t adapt to this situation, so that’s mainly the reason why there were negative results. People were scared their culture would be judged, fail to learn another language, and it was easier to stay with their own kind. Canada was impacted in a positive way by the 1971 multiculturalism act. Canada became a multicultural and diverse country because of this

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