The Three Implications Of Sustainable Development

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Register to read the introduction… The “Declaration of Rio on Environment and Development“, 1992, recognized that sustainable development was a balance of three dimensions:
• Environmental Protection • Economic Growth • Social Development Through this diagram we can find, economic, social and environmental processes are inter-connected. In other words both public and private agents can not be permitted to act one-dimensionally and in isolation, their actions must take into the interplay consideration of the three dimensions of environment, economic and social development. So the implications of today’s actions must be considered for the future and more balance in our global world is necessary. Sustainable development is a long-term change in patterns of production and consumption. (Declaration of Rio on Environment and Development, 1992)
Ultimate goal of sustainable development is to protect the environment and at the same time the resources could satisfy human needs and boost
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Due to the authority and mandatory of the government’s characteristics, government plays a major role in environmental protection. As the "Stockholm Declaration" (1972) proclaimed: "Local and national governments will bear the greatest burden for large-scale environmental policy and action within their jurisdictions.” And this conference calls upon governments to efforts for the preservation and improvement of the human environment, for the benefit of all the people and their posterity. (The United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, 1972)

So governments should be clear of their roles in environmental issues. First, government is the investor. Government investment in the environment mainly in two aspects: one is investment the environment to construction public facilities. Such as building sewage treatment plants, garbage treatment plants, greening the urban environment and organizing other comprehensive treatment. The other is organize scientific research to solve technical problems related to environmental protection in.
Second, government is the supervisor. Through the supervision is an effective way to prevent environmental

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