Essay about The Three Elements Of The Triple Aim

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The Triple Aim is an initiative created in 2007 by the Institute of Health Improvement with the purpose of strengthening the United States healthcare system by improving the health of the population, the patient experience navigating system and reducing the cost associated with healthcare. Attempting to achieve all these three goals at the same time is no easy task, mainly because the accomplishment of one aspect often compromises the others. With the Triple Aim as the focus, health care organizations are able to recognize and solve flaws in their systems, as well as redirect attention and health resources to the accomplishment of an equally balanced healthcare (McCarthy & Klein, 2010).
The Five Elements of the Triple Aim The Triple Aim concept design is composed of five elements that are aimed to optimize the healthcare system:
Patient and Family Focus Through this concept, the Triple Aim encourages organizations to provide the necessary information for patients to make informed decisions about the healthcare received. This includes having access detailed information to be able to choose health plans, hospitals and clinical practices that include performance, practice and patient satisfaction (Institute for Health Improvement, 2015). For example, Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Systems & Providers (HCAHPS) provides a valid comparison between hospitals nationally since it applies a standardized survey instrument across the country in order to set a national…

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