Pro Choice Of Abortion Essay

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Women are told they have control over their own bodies, but does that include if they want to have an abortion? The idea of abortion cause people to build an opinion and want laws created, but some believe that abortion should be the woman’s choice and some believe it should be the government 's decision if a woman is to get an abortion.
Abortion has gone back many years. In the early 1800s abortions in early pregnancies could be legally performed by midwives and folk practitioners (Zewski, 17). In 1873 information was given to women about birth control and abortions. In 1980 abortions were prohibited unless the mother’s life is in danger. In 1973 a supreme court case arises named Roe vs Wade; this case was to fight for women to have the
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Some are Pro-Life, which is the belief that abortions should be illegal. They believe the baby’s life begins at conception (Lowen, 1). The group believes that abortion is murder and no society accepts murder without punishment (Lowen, 1). They believe adoption is better than abortion due to there is over 1.5 million people/Couples looking to adopt a child or children (Lowen, 1). If a mother chooses to abort her child she may have intense psychological pain and stress from the abortion ( Lowen, 2). Some are Pro-Choice. Pro-Choice is the belief a woman should be able to choose what she would like to do with her own body, this includes getting an abortion. They believe that the funding for abortions is very similar to the funding of the war in the Middle East (Lowen, 3). Some people believe in Post-abortion syndrome, but there is no evidence proving there is a such thing as Post-abortion syndrome (Lowen, 3). Both Pro-Life and Pro-Choice are slogans to the central issue of abortions (Almond, 19). Women have been told for many years what to do. Now women have the right to choose what they want and what they need even if that means choosing abortion or not choosing abortion. Women are their own

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