The Threat Of A Global Language Essay

2062 Words Mar 28th, 2016 9 Pages
Throughout time people have struggled to communicate, from the first barbaric men on the planet to people living in different countries today, such as the United States and China. Yet there has never been a solid solution proposed that would withstand the test of time. Not being able to communicate about health issues will kill 98,000 people annually. This is a problem that warrants a solution. However, before there can be a decision on whether or not a global language would be beneficial, the definition of this idea must be looked into to see how exactly a global language would be defined. It is also necessary to consider the economics of the issue, as well as how it would affect our globe’s scientific research. Another very important factor in determining whether or not this proposition would be beneficial will be a glance into how this will affect peace on a global scale. And finally, the counter arguments will be reviewed and disproven.
In order to understand the immense benefits of a global language, we must first identify how a global language is defined. According to The History of English, a podcast about the history of the English language, a global language is defined as “a language that is learned and spoken internationally ....but also classified by its geographical distribution, and its use in international organizations and in diplomatic relations” (English as a Global Language). So in this context, for a language to be a global language it must be used…

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