The Things They Carried By Tim O ' Brien Essay

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In “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien, he introduces the idea that the mental burdens outweigh the physical burdens that those in war must endure. I can relate to the mentalities of many of these men, the question of death would be something constantly crossing my mind as well. Having to constantly wonder when you or the person next to you might die has to be emotionally draining. O’Brien states that the unknowing of the future or the uncertainty many of these soldiers experienced far outweigh the physical agonies that they were forced to endure in order to stay alive, many of the fears or uncertainty was in a sense relieved by remembering their families and homes. It gave them a method of coping with the unknown; the unknown of who would die.
The mental burden that weighs down the most on the hearts of the men was fear. This fear came from many sources. They were constantly being haunted by the fear that they may die. Ted Lavender’s death and how they reacted to it showed its impact on the soldiers. Kiowa expresses the sense of weight that the threat of death has on the men when he describes Lavender’s death, "Boom down, he said. Like cement" (250). Lavender’s death is described as being like stone, something massive and heavy. The death of Lavender is repeated several times throughout the story by O’Brien. The repetition is used in order emphasize the fear instilled in these men. This goes through their head multiple times as they fearfully await their fate. This…

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