Tim O Brien Cross Analysis

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The Things they carried by Tim O’Brien was a very interesting novel. The author Tim play a big role in the novel as Cross. Cross shares similar stories in this book as his fictional childhood and his time in the army days. In this novel Cross used characters to demonstrate what his life was like. These characters were soldiers that carried a lot of different things from mental illness, guns, abuse and most of all fear. Everyone in this novel carried their feeling different and handled it in total different ways. Cross the main character in the book, is dealing with a couple different obstacles and having a hard time coping with them. Cross will take us through his child hood and his war days to show us how he has made some mistakes and disappointments …show more content…
I believe Cross wrote this novel for some type of closure to the life he lived. He wanted to take the world through the things he experienced so that we could visually understand what all he went through. While writing this book he returned back to the intermediate setting of the Vietnam War. Also, if you have noticed Cross speaks in third party as he is telling this story, to really put himself right in the middle of his own book. Cross really wanted his readers to feel the pain he was going through with Martha. Being in love with someone that doesn’t have the same intentions and desires as you have can be really difficult to deal with. This was one of the main things he carried. He also carried the guilt for killing a man, and forced to negotiate his guilt with the other soldiers, that killing this man was the right thing to do. Cross in the book confesses to O’Brien years later, that he has never forgiven himself for Lavenders death, states that he has intense guilt about the incident. O’Brien dealt with his memories and his guilt by writing these stories about his fellow soldiers, but at the same time these stories made the experience of the war present and the memories grow founder on his heart. The fact that story telling comforts him in times of mourning and has equipped him to deal with his painful

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