The Theory Of The Personality Theory Essay

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Personality Theories
Along the development of the study of personalities, many psychologist have developed numerous ideas to approach and understand each individual. At the same time, these psychologist tried to explain why each person will react in different ways in the same situation, how the environment affect the decision making process, and how genetics represent a vital part of our personality. Some of these personalities’ theories were considered reliable and accurate in a specific point in time, however, some of them lost some validity and reliability based on the adaptation of the contemporary society. However, all these theories were used as a base for the development of newer theories. From my point of view, the personality theory of Carl Rogers “phenomenological theory”, and the trait theory of Gordon Allport marked an important aspect of the personality theory development despised the weak aspect of the theory, and some other aspect that were not taken into consideration at that point.
Phenomenological Theory
Carl Rogers developed a person-centered theory were he believed that most of the experiences that each person have through life will be based on the appreciation of the self in “private world of experience” called reality. This reality was focused on the view of the personal experience of the individual, the emotions related with the reality, and authenticity of their actions. With all the factors related with the reality, the person should be able to…

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