Essay about The Theory Of Sociology And Its Impact On Society

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Theories in sociology has numerous perspective of how people view the world. Sociology has numerous theories to get better understand of culture. There are many things impacts one’s behavior, lifestyle, relationship and much more. Social network is one of numerous things that affect the societies. Through out worldwide, internet is used every single day and we can imply sociology to understand what is important and place it holds in society.
To have a better understanding of this development and implication the society better, the paper will discuss the three common theoretical perspectives theories which are functionalism, conflict, and symbolic internationalism theories. The theories will look at social network from different point of view from a micro level and macro level. The functionalism theory looks at society as a whole, where as conflict theory look at groups within that society, and symbolic interactional looks at how society is shaped by individual interaction. Therefore, each frame of reference offers different variety of descriptions about the social world. Structural-functionalism is one of the important theoretical perspective in sociology. When this method focusses on internet, the functionalist theory sees the technology is a convenient source in the lives of individual needs (Macionis, 2015). Thus, this allows others to interact with one another from different areas of society. For example, technology has an important role in education because this…

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