Internet Bane To Society Essay

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The Internet: A bane to society "Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master" (Lange, n.d.). The internet is the gateway for technology to function. Without the access of the internet we cannot go online. To access online is to be able to acquire unlimited information's that may or may not be useful. Also, the thing about the internet is that it can be accessed by anyone, and of any age (The positive and negative effects of the internet, n.d.) Meaning, there is freedom to access anything online regardless of the content. And because of this reason, a lot of internet users depend more on the use of the internet without realizing the danger that comes with it. Moving on, The internet became popular. But, being popular doesn't necessarily …show more content…
In fact, the negative effects weighs more because as time goes by the internet has become the center of human interest. They are no longer able to carry-on with their daily routines without a gadget that connects to the internet. And as a result, there are negative changes in the behavior. Also, the internet has become popularly known today as a quick go to for research . Regardless of the fact, that there are traditional ways of research that has more reliable sources out there like the libraries. Libraries that contains textbooks that are very reliable and very informational. To add, these information's online are not always credible and does contain harmful contents. That is why the internet does have harmful exposure towards its users. Indeed, The internet is a bane to society because it becomes addictive, lessens social …show more content…
In fact, according to Media literacy council (n.d.) the internet does have the access towards age-inappropriate sites. Meaning, there is explicit contents, when there is access to the internet some internet users often disregard the harm of being able to access very mature contents and information which is not very suitable for them. Also, there is access to pornographic sites. The internet can be accessed very easily meaning pornographic sites can be seen. It is very harmful towards its users especially the young people who are able to access online. Although, the use of the internet does have beneficial effects, we cannot overlook the fact that the internet does have negative effects towards its users.

In conclusion, The internet is a bane to society because it becomes addictive, lessens social interaction, and contains harmful contents. The internet became part of our society even though it came with negative effects. Indeed, The internet is a bane to society if an internet user choose to let it dictate his or her own

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