Essay about The Theory Of Self Determination Theory

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Self-Determination Theory assumes that people are inclined to be proactive and find ways to move towards greater improvement and integration in self-functioning. It states that people have a natural tendency towards inner organization, which STD calls organismic integration and that functions throughout life to bring understanding and unity to people’s psychological processes, structures, and experiences. This helps us in all our functions and SDT calls it full functioning. Being able to full function is that you are able to use all of your capacities from all your experiences in life. Being able to use all these capacities brings us a satisfaction that is bigger than just feeling a positive affect. Vital to a complete sense of self and full functioning an integrated is autonomously motivated behavior, which is assisted by social conditions that support satisfaction of what SDT proposes to be basic psychological needs. SDT has three types of autonomous behaviors and they are intrinsically motivated behaviors, extrinsically motivated behaviors, and emotion-motivated behaviors. Intrinsic motivation is a natural human characteristic that is a manifestation of our instinctive proactivity. It is maintained and improved when social settings support satisfaction of the basic psychological needs, but is basically ruined by the use of rewards, threats of punishment, and controlling evaluations. Extrinsic motivation is when behaviors are motivated by values that are fully…

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