Autonomy And Self Respect

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The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy defines autonomy as an individual’s capacity for self-determination or self-governance (, 2015). Autonomy could either be moral, personal or political. Self-respect, simply put, is a feeling of pride or confidence in ones’ self; a sense of dignity and honor. Keeping the definitions above in mind, I will attempt to prove that respecting an individual’s right to self-respect and autonomy is both a moral right and morally significant.
We run into a philosophical problem when we ask the question: Is the attitude of individuals morally significant when dealing with autonomy and self-respect? The same philosophical problem applies to the question of whether or not Autonomy and self-respect are moral
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It is a fundamental human trait to respect the humanity or human nature of all other humans around us. I chose this position because of how much worth it put into an individual’s humanity. It is true that we should treat each other with respect and honor because doing so is what makes us human. Another core characteristic of the human species is individuality and uniqueness; we all possess distinct attributes both in and out (for example race, faith, culture, personality, gender, etc.). All these things make us human. If we cannot respect an individual’s right to autonomy, which as a result, adds value to their humanity, an argument can be made that we are disrespecting the fundamental human qualities of a person. This lack of respect is very morally significant because all humans deserve (and have) human rights; humans rights are a moral …show more content…
A society that uses a Camp B philosophy would be very intolerant and lack progress individually and as a whole. Also, Camp B’s philosophy is very primal. Humans are not animals who do things out of instinct because it brings us pleasure; humans are logical creatures who take a lot more than just happiness and pleasure into account. Animals do not have a mature sense of self-respect like humans do, therefore applying a primal philosophy to humans does not make sense. Not only that, denying this right to autonomy based on ‘my happiness’ would rid humanity of the basic fundamental attributes of individuals and groups that distinguish us, turning us into robotic beings. Hence, we have to treat each other with respect and honor because doing so makes us

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