Principle Of Medical Marijuana

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Medical Marijuana and the Principles of Autonomy The right to determine what shall be done with one’s body is a fundamental right in our society. It is the patient’s rights to decide whether what medical treatment they receive. I argue that based on the principles of autonomy that it is someone’s freedom and right to do what they please with their body. I argue that medical marijuana should be legal if we all have personal autonomy.
Marijuana also known as cannabis or hemps has been used as a source if medicine, fiber, and intoxicant. Marijuana was used for intoxication but they later on found significant in folk medicine. Marijuana treats pain, gonorrhea, chronic cough, and etc. A planet that anyone can grow with substantial benefits raised a lot of tension with pharmaceutical companies and the government (Marijuana’s Medicine: The Science Beyond the Controversy).
The U.S. government concerns about marijuana are preventing abuse and how to
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I understand his points he made with the state getting involved when an individual can cause harm to themselves. But I argue that with principle of autonomy, the individual has an understanding and the education to make their own decision for their body. There would be no reason for the state to interfere if the individual is aware with the choses they are making. The principle of autonomy allows individuals to take control of their own actions and body once they are aware of the to what they are doing.
Philosophers and other thinkers have justified informed consent through appeals to the principle of autonomy and beneficence. The principles of autonomy say we should respect the patient’s ultimate decision on what to do with their body. The principle of autonomy sneaks its way in informed consent. It does this with emergencies, if there is no time to consider personal autonomy then this is looked as consent that promotes the good for the patient (Vaughn

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