Self Conceptualization

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In this summary, two articles will be summarize in detail about self determination and self actualization. The first article demonstrates the self determination theory and the basic psychological needs. The second article I found , talks about self determination and motivation to exercise. Both articles use the terms Competence, Relatedness, and Autonomy. These terms will be discussed in detail in this paper. I will also be discussing the three types of autonomous behaviors which are intrinsically motivated, extrinsically motivated, and emotion -motivated behaviors. At the end of this summary, we will ask ourselves how our knowledge of self determination and self actualization will play a part in the future. For example, how we will use …show more content…
Competence is a need to look for activities that are challenging and outside of a person 's comfort zone. I found an article on self-determination and exercise which explains how the three basic psychological needs are use with motivation to exercise. I found this article to be a great example to explain these three needs. In the article, "Self-Determination Theory: A Key to Motivation", the author states that feedback is an essential way to promote a person 's competence. For example, providing someone with reinforcement after completing a difficult workout and providing feedback on how to improve their workout. Relatedness refers to the need of belonging and "is defined by a sense of shared experience." (Walsh, 2011). In exercising, the personal trainer should be very involved in their clients exercising goals. The client should be involved as well by providing the trainer the information about their specific needs and goals. This way they both can work together and achieve the finishing target. Autonomy gives a person the freedom of choice. In exercise, this means allowing the client to tell the trainer what exercises they enjoy or the trainer providing suggestions for the client. This allows the client to have options and make their workout choices with the trainers …show more content…
The article "Self-Determination Theory: A Key to Motivation", was a helpful example for me to understand how self- determination works especially with exercising, which is one of my hobbies. When I graduate college and prepare myself for a career, I will take into account the three basic psychological needs when working with others. My career preference for the future is working with children. I will use Competence to encourage the children I work with to step outside their comfort zone and try the activities their minds are curious about. I will use Relatedness to support them and provide positive feedback so they can become better students. Not only will I use these with my career but also with motivating myself and others around me. As humans, we will always have the need to reach out of the normal and prove ourselves in

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