Process Essay: The Pursuit Of Happiness

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Knowing happiness, then to the filling of overwhelmed emptiness is something to become with apprehension of the steps to go into the correct way. The perception to help recover what will lead to furthering the steps of happiness can be said to make happiness possible. Discover “the key that unlocks the doors of wisdom, happiness, and truth” is the steps or the way that should be chosen (Hoff 407). It can likewise be said “to go nowhere and do nothing is the beginning step towards finding peace” (Hoff 407). Everyone is different to finding what is inside, and taking much understanding on how to get the correct way. To experience animation in different perspective can change the idea in much different slant. Many obstacles to obtain happiness, …show more content…
People fill that void of obtaining material things, and a busy schedule to cope with that feeling of being empty. Furthermore, “there is, for example, a blunt challenge to the way we live,” and to recognize the path it could lead to could be life changing (Lane 77). To become happy you have to know where the feeling of being empty lies. The process is slow on finding what is to be felt, “the world was seen as a setter of traps, a generator of illusions, and a revolving wheel of pain for all creatures” (Hoff 404). What brings joy within is to be accomplished will only be if the cause is to be revealed in the reason of feeling alone. Which varies from one soul to the next on how to achieve what is so desired, happiness. How to look past the societal perspective, which is perceived to be material objects as happiness, and to overlook this will make that much of a divergence. To not fear what the mind can bring, "many people are afraid of Emptiness, however, because it reminds them of Loneliness” (Hoff 408). Being alone is giving the opportunity to see what happiness should be in the life that is desired, yet inside the impression of emptiness that demands to be met. Take the steps back to discover how some things are more important, and not what is new or what will make society determine how much your happiness

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