The Theory Of Self Actualization Essay

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As discussed in the article we had to read on Self-Actualization in our module, it brings forth many important concepts on human potential that many of us do not take into consideration when living day by day and meeting all different types of people. Self-Actualization is the tendency for humans to strive to fulfill their fullest potential. While on the other hand, the Self-Determination Theory states that humans have three types of autonomous behaviors which include intrinsically motivated behaviors, extrinsically motivated behaviors, and emotion-motivated behaviors. The theory also puts forth that with these behaviors comes two different ways that our basic psychological needs are met and have been divided into those which include our needs from learned desires as well as our needs that are required for necessities, health and our well-being (Deci & Ryan, 2000). Everyone has different desires and ultimately different requirements when it comes to their basic needs and views for their well-being. Humans possess many different qualities and ultimately should be able to acquire full human potential. That is to become all that they are capable of, but does not necessarily mean that humans’ limits are just to a certain extent. I believe that humans are capable of whatever they set their minds to and can learn from others as we grow older and wiser. As the organismic meta-theory states, people are inherently active, and inclined by nature towards inner organization, and…

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