Essay The Theory Of Resilient Monarchs

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For the second part of this project, I will be designing a process tracing research design for the theory regarding resilient Monarchs as stated by Menaldo (Menaldo, 2012). The theory states that countries in the Middle East and North African region (MENA) that are monarchies will have a higher level of political stability, when compared to the MENA republics. My research question will therefore be ‘How are Mena monarchies able to remain politically relatively stable, when compared to the republics?
Causal Mechanism
The next part of the research design, is to consider the Causal Mechanism implied within the theory. To do this I will need to consider what the independent variable and the dependent variable are for the theory(Bennett and Checkel, 2014). For this particular theory the independent variable is regime type, so whether or not the regime is a Monarchy, or a republic. The dependent variable therefore is Political Stability. For this theory, Political stability is defined as the lack of assassinations, riots, strikes, anti-government demonstrations, guerrilla warfare, government crises, purges and revolutions (Menaldo, 2012, page 708).
Now that we have found the dependent and independent variable, we can work out the causal steps that link Regime type to political stability. Firstly a political culture is developed by the Monarch, Political culture is defined as “The attitudes, beliefs, and values” that define how a certain political system works (Mclean and…

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