Violence Based Media Behavior

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Violence Based Media and its Effect on the Human Behavior
Video games were an outlet by which violence was circulated in the media. Violence based media, particularly that of video games, could have negative effects on the behavior of its users causing an “increase in aggressiveness” (Thomas Gilovich, 2013). The relationship between the use of violent driving games and the increase in aggressive behavior was tested in an experiment. The experimenter hypothesized that subjects who play driving games containing violent imagery were more likely to partake in road rage than subjects who play non-violent driving games.
In this particular study the independent variable was controlled by the experimenter (Lecture 1/12/16). In relation to the independent
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The average age that many American citizens begin driving was 18, in comparison to 65 which was medically the average age that was recommended to stop driving (Eric D. Lawrence, 2014). The experiment was inclusive of both faculty and students at The Ohio State University, and would be conducted in the Psychology Building on the university’s campus. For this procedure the use of random assignment was necessary to ensure the two groups are equivalent at the beginning of the study. Within the confines of the experiment the only thing that would differ between the groups was that one group would have their behavior effected and one would not. The study would begin with the groups being divided, going into two separate rooms. Group A would go to a room that contains a gaming console with the video game “Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas”. In contrast, Group B would go to a room containing a gaming console with Disney Pixar’s “Cars Race O Rama”. Each Group would play for an allotted time of 30 minutes, and then partake in the same driving simulation of 5:00 pm traffic in the city for the same amount of time. Their behaviors would be measured quantitatively, and video surveillance would be used to observe actions such as making obscene gestures, bad/careless driving, cutting off others, and not using signals; all attributes of road rage (Melissa, 2011). It was expected for Group A to exhibit signs of road rage, and for group B to be more courteous in an intense driving situation, such as traffic. Internal validity would be high because the experiment takes place in the lab, and only the manipulated variable would produce results (Thomas Gilovich, 2013). In contrast to the internal validity, the external validity would be lower because of its lack of resemblance to the real world, as well

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