OCED Research Design Paper

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Research design explains the process of the variables to the research question. The question is does electoral system have an effect on voter turnout? The research will be looking at members of OCED pre-2010. OCED offers a structure for governments to consult and co-operate with each other in order to develop and refine economic and social policy. The first part of the question is why were these thirty countries chosen and not the other countries; who became part of OCED after 2010. The countries in the dataset are across the electoral system spectrum to get a better understanding of electoral system effect voter turnout decline. Some countries from the set begins from 1945 or later to present. When thinking about voter turnout, researchers …show more content…
The need to focus on aggregate-level research is due to the individual level would cancel each other out (Matsusaka and Palda, 1999), therefore reason why aggregate-level is a prime example to use in the research with this question being inquired. There is an article by Benny Geys explaining voter turnout in an aggregate level research that can help poke a hole in understanding the different variables to be looked at with a connection in voter turnout and electoral system. Geys divided the understanding in three different aspects. He puts them in socioeconomic/demographic indicators, political and institutional variables. He also creates subsets of the three variables to have a closer look at voter turnout and the connection with these variables by putting these from strongly significant, significant and not significant (Geys, 2006). This helps to pick out the variables to look at in the dissertation to understand if there is a correlation with these variables against the electoral system and voter turnout in the countries. The question for the dissertation is does electoral system affect voter turnout? Reading the article by Geys, has come up with the variables to be used in the

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