The Theory Of Psychology And Psychology Essay

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A common issue persisting throughout the history of psychology is the ongoing debate on the relation of the cognitive mind and physical body. Inquiry surrounding this issue deals with the perceived entities of mind and body and concerns their nature, existence, and interaction. It is important to the field because physiology and psychology are generally seen as interacting and the outcome of this interaction has consequences on both, one influencing the other.
The Ancients
The issue was first considered by the ancient Greeks. Pythagoras noted a distinction between body and an immortal reincarnating soul. While Democritus, explored materialism, positing only the existence of atoms and void, and thus indicating a reduction of the mind to the material of which the body is composed, an early form of monism. Plato returned to idealism and the concept of a triparty soul from which his favored reason operated (which I think can be interpreted as a conception of mind), dragged down from its heavenly form by the body it inhabited, but virtue could be attained with harmonization of the parts. His student, Aristotle departed from idealism, to its amalgam with the material world. His “soul” was a psyche that distinguished the living, the rational part of which was exclusively human, permitting thinking and reasoning, a mind that was shaped by sensation dependent thought.
Medieval & Renaissance
With the rise of Christianity, Paul, a prominent figure of the religion,…

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