The Theory Of Nature Vs Nurture Essay

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Take a moment and think about your inner voice. Yes, the same one you’re using to read the words on this very page. That familiar tone which propels the narrative of thought following you (mainly unnoticed) from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep. Have you ever wondered why you think the way you do, or why your reactions to external circumstances vary from that of other people’s? The majority of your life you are told that you are different and that everyone is an individual with a unique personality. But, why are we so different? How do these distinctive personalities form? Why is it that twins that are born at the same time, raised by the same parents, given the same treatment at the same schools turn out to be two different people? Philosophers, ethicists, and psychologists have tried to understand this phenomenon since Francis Galton brought the subject to light in 1869, coining the phrase “Nature Versus Nurture”.
The topic offered by Galton is fuel for debate in the quest to narrow the factors that shape our very personas. The side of nature argues on behalf of human genealogy and genetics, claiming that our biological makeup is what predominantly affects who we are. At the opposite pole of the discussion, nurture maintains that humans are a product of their environment, and because of such, we should look outwardly at the external stimuli around us for answers to character development. In this paper, we will be looking at both faces of this…

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