The Theory Of How A Venture Works Essay

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To understand and provide the theory of how a venture works. To measure the flow through and differential pressure across a Venturi flow meter. To plot the pressure profiles across a Venturi at a different flow rates. To examine and discuss the relationship between flow and ∆P through a Venturi in a pipe at a various distances from the Venturi.
The Venturi flow meter is an equipment that uses the Bernoulli Effect and a manometer pressure gauge to measure the rate of flow of a liquid or fluid that is flowing through a pipe. There is also a part in the venture equipment that has a reduced cross-sectional area. When the liquid goes through this part, the speed (velocity) tend to increase while the pressure decreases. The velocity is in conformity with the continuity principle and the pressure reduction is in conformity with the mechanical energy conservation.
Bernoulli’s principle states that for an inviscid flow of a non-conducting liquid, as the speed of the liquid increases there is a decrease in the pressure of the fluid or a decrease in the fluid potential energy. Bernoulli’s equation:
P1 + ρ/2ρV12 + ρgh1 = P2 + ρ/2ρV22 + ρgh2
Where P = pressure of fluid
V = Velocity of the fluid
Ρ = density of the fluid that is assumed to be constant for a compressible fluid h = height
Continuity principle:
Q = V1A1 = V2A2, Q1 = V1A1, Q2 = V2A2,
V1 = Q1/A1, V2 = Q2/A2
Where Q = Flow rate
A = cross-sectional area
V =…

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