Essay on The Theory Of Art Therapy

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The stroke of a brush versus the stroke of a physician’s pen on a prescription note leaves one wondering which mark holds more long-term health benefits. When faced with emotional or mental problems such as suppressed memories, PTSD, or alzeihmers, many people will turn to modern medicine and traditional vocal therapy to attempt to understand the problems at hand. Some, on the other hand, turn to art and hobbies to work themselves through the rough time. A mix of both routes, art therapy combines traditional therapy and creativity to help clients gain control of their lives. Recent studies involving the field of art therapy show a direct correlation between creativity, the creation of art, and the way the brain uses memories when encountering art and creativity. To fully comprehend the meaning of art therapy, one must first clear all misconceptions about the practice. To begin with, although far from a new concept, the use of art therapy as a professional practice has only occurred within the last forty to fifty years, . In fact, the use of art as a memory saver has survived since ancient times, with art discovered dating back to before the time of the Egyptian empire. Every culture and civilization throughout history has used some form of art, whether they used it for leisure, trade, or storytelling, the arts presented themselves in countless forms.(Art, 5:00) Art throughout history shows the viewer tales of great heroism or terror; from cave paintings, to Roman mosaics,…

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