The Theory Of A Theory Essay

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Sociologists need theory. Theory is the building block in our area of study. Theory gives us particular ways of looking at the world. Theory gives us the language to describe, explain, and critique our social world. Overall, theory helps us as sociologist with conceptualizing our research and developing our own argument or framework. Pointing out the strength and weakness of a theory gives us a better understanding of the theories framework and also a better understanding of other theories. There are many theories that are critical parts of sociology, but there are two that interest me in particular. One is a theory that has classical roots, functionalism and the other, that has contemporary roots is feminism. Functionalism is a theory created by Emile Durkheim, which is the theory that social institutions in society exist to serve some important and necessary function to keep society running. Feminism theory on the other hand is a lot broader and is generally focuses on sex role differences and how they relate to the rest of the social organization. It also looks to critique other sociological work that does not have consideration of women. Many theories have developed from others theories. Social theory is always changing and being developed. Functionalism is one of the critical theories in sociology. Functionalism discusses how society is a social system made up of parts, each of which contributes to the functioning of the whole. The pioneer of functionalism was a…

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