3 Major Theories Of Sociology

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The 3 major sociology theories I will be talking about are functional theory, feminist theory, and critical theory. Functionalist theory says that a society is a system of interconnected parts that works together in harmony to maintain a state of balance and social equilibrium for the whole. Feminist theory is about gender inequality. Game theory is the interaction people have with one another. They are used in different ways in different parts of the world and can help people to understand things. They are used in groups, culture, society, religion, race, gender, groups, and families. In functionalist theory there are some important concepts. One of the important concepts are social structures and social functions. According to Kimberly …show more content…
It just talks about the inequalities of genders. In culture feminist theory applies that male culture is very different than female culture. Female culture is more caring nurturing. Also that in female culture they take care of the children and that isn’t that valued in society because they do not get paid. Male culture is more aggressive and more competitive so they tend to isolate women. They want the work a women does like taking care of kids to be socially productive and to be able to have jobs that aren’t domestic. In religion it is different because females would have different roles in different religions. In some religions the women would have to indoors at all time and be the cleaning person while the men are out and working for the family. Also that women in some religions would have to sit separately than the men and not sit together. In marriages female and men have very different roles. The women would have to stay home and babysit their kids while the men aren’t. The men would have to go out and provide for everyone in the family. They have different roles in marriages. The women would have to do things like washing dishes and cleaning the house. Men and women have very different roles in marriages. In society women were not able to play sports or do things that men were able to do. Even now women aren’t allowed to play with men in the same sports. But they do have women and men that play the same sports like NBA and WNBA. In families women would have to act different when guests come over. The men would do the talking while the women would go make food for the guests. Feminist theory on behavior is that females would have to act differently than men. They have to be more quiet and not talk as much. The men would make the final agreement on things like buying a car or buying a house while the females would agree with whatever the men says. They would always have to agree. This shows inequality between women and men. We

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