The Theories Of Human Development Essay examples

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There are many theories about human development that can be applied to different educational settings. For my instructional setting I found two theories that can help teachers and administrators better understand the developmental stages of students to help them achieve mastery. Piaget’s Cognitive Development theory and Erickson’s theory of psychological growth are two philosophies that can be applied to my educational context to help enhance the academic experience.
Piaget’s Cognitive development theory tries to understand the differences between adults and children’s thinking abilities. It focuses on the way children think and the different stages they go through before they have similar thinking abilities as an adult. Piaget stated that children are born with basic abilities and as they get older they develop organizational and adaptation skills that allow them to have well developed cognitive abilities. As they begin to grow, they develop schema, which allows them to form patterns as they interact with their environment. Piaget divided cognitive development into 4 stages, each with specific developmental characteristics. According to Snowman (2015), the sensory motor stage occurs between birth and two years old. During this stage children develop scheme through their senses and motor activities. The next phase is pre-operational and it takes place between two and seven years of age. During this stage they begin to think symbolically, but are not able to mentally…

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