Theme Of Aquabal By Alice Hoffman

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In the story “ Aquamarine” by Alice Hoffman, the problem is the main character Aquamarine, a mermaid, is far away from home, because, she doesn’t want to marry the merman that her dad picked out and she believes in love. So, she swam away and her dad got so mad that he created a big storm that washed Aquamarine up on the land into a public beach pool. After that her dad gave her 3 days on land to prove that love is true and if she doesn’t succeed then she has to come back home. If Haley and Claire help Aquamarine with finding love they get a wish. When the problem was solved and the book ended, I decided the theme was If you are looking to love it doesn’t always have to be romantic. For example, you will find love with your friends. …show more content…
The author wrote, “ It is sundown and Aquamarine is on a date with Raymond, and they decided to go on a paddle boat ride, but Aquamarine does not know that it is sundown and every sundown she turns back into a mermaid. Luckily, Claire and Haley were there watching them on the paddle boat and warned Aquamarine. When she noticed it was sundown, she paddled the faster she could, Raymond couldn’t even keep up with her. As soon as they got to the docks, he jumped off and got the pool safe and without anyone seeing her” ( Hoffmann 75). This evidence shows friends are the once, you should love because there are there for you always and would do anything for you like Haley and Claire did for Aquamarine. The next piece of evidence to support the claim is When Haley and Claire were carrying Aquamarine to the ocean. In Hoffman’s words, “‘Hurry!” claire shouted over the surf “ We're losing her.” They went past the whitecaps that shone like stars, past the water that was wider than a horse. Over the crashing they could hear the sound of the mermaids six sisters singing to her, urging here to quickly return to where she belongs” ( Hoffman 91). This evidence clearly shows the friends love you back and care that their friends are safe, healthy and the one person should love forever because they love you back. Also, this scene shows author's craft which is a good description because she describes the scene very well by giving good

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