The Theme Of Love In Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

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“Much Ado About Nothing.” is a romantic comedy written by the famous poet William Shakespeare. The novel takes place in the early Sixteen hundreds, it features a young woman who is wrongly accused of adultery. Who later is found innocent and recoiled with her lover. It also features another couple, Beatrice and Benedick they both are witty, smart and swear never to be tricked by cupid 's arrow and fall in love. While Shakespeare focuses on the themes of love, lies and deception, he also uses his characters Benedick and Beatrice to show how the influence of others, and love can cause of an unforgettable transformation.

Beatrice is the niece of King Leonato and the cousin of Hero. Beatrice is very clever with her words, and is known for
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“ I will in the interim undertake one of Hercules labors, which is to bring Signor Benedick and lady Beatrice into a mountain of affection, th’ one with th’ other.”(2.1.305) Don Pedro feels they are perfect for each other due to their similar personalities. The plan starts when Don Pedro has one of the King’s waiting men play a love song in front of Benedick. Don Pedro and the King then have conversation about Beatrice and how madly in love she with Benedick, but she will never get the courage tell him. After Benedick hears this news, he is be side himself first, he questions the news but then swears it must be true because the King is too respectable to lie. “ I should take think this is a gull but that the white-bearded fellow speaks it. Knavery cannot, sure hide himself in such a reverence.” After Benedick hears their conversation he realizes that all of Beterices flaws he saw before are only apart of her unique beauty, and he is in love with her for that.“They say the lady is fair; ‘ tis is a truth, I can bear them witness. And virtuous: ‘tis is so, I cannot reprove it… it”s is not addition to her wit nor no great argument of her folly, for I will be horribly in love with her.’’ Benedick decides at this point he will not be a bachelor anymore and marry Beatrice. Benedick is ready for the remarks he will get for marrying Beatrice because he denied marriage for so long but he will accept them because he truly does love Beatrice and can accept the fact people change. “ I may chance have some odd quirks and remarks of wit broken on me because I have railed on long against marriage but doth not the appetite alter?” (2.3.208) The plan then continues with Hero the King 's daughter and her servant. They walk while praising Benedick and gossiping about how Beatrice is too proud and scornful to notice that Benedick has love for her, knowing

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