Theme Of Conflict In Much Ado About Nothing

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In my essay, I am going to analyse how William Shakespeare developed conflicts to show emotion in Much Ado about Nothing. The conflict of Claudio embarrassing Hero and stopping the wedding in front of all the towns’ people, was created by Claudio viewing what he interpreted to be Hero and Barachio kissing and sharing an intimate moment in Hero’s chambers. However, as we (the audience) know, it wasn’t really Hero in the window, it was Hero’s cousin Margaret. The entire conflict was orchestrated by Don John. The conflict proved to us how Claudio truly felt about Hero. He had convinced himself, and everyone else, that he really did love Hero. But his outburst at the wedding told us otherwise. “She has felt the heat of a luxurious …show more content…
He is saying he truly loves her and would do anything for her. The fact that Benedick would kill his own friend because Beatrice asked him too, shows us that this is in fact, true love. Benedick and Beatrice have known each other for a while. We know this because after Benedick and Beatrice have one of their ‘battles of wit’, Beatrice says “I know you of old”. It is clear to us, the audience, that Beatrice and Benedick have a hidden love for each other. It is shown through their battles they have which occur often. Their hidden love has had time to build, develop and bloom over time. This is the difference between Claudio and Hero’s love compared with Beatrice and Benedick’s love. Benedick and Beatrice had to be tricked into letting their true emotions come out. Everyone in the play, and us the audience, could see that there was something between Benedick and Beatrice, it just had to be …show more content…
The first was that Leonato was relying on the marriage between Claudio and Hero. Leonato was going to use the wedding for his own bravado. Once his daughter was married, Leonato could then say he had a successful, handsome, respected and honourable man as a son-in-law. This would grant Leonato respect and honour from other fathers. The second thing it shows is that Leonato loved his daughter very much. He loved her so much that when he found out that she had been disrespected and disgraced by Barachio and Claudio, all could do was to lash out. He had such high thoughts of his daughter, so when he heard of her dishonourable act his thoughts were dashed and this angered him. The third thing was shame. Leonato was going to become a respected and honoured man, but when the wedding was stopped because of his daughters’ dirty act, he didn’t gain anything, but lost his good reputation as a father. He became filled with shame and transferred that shame into anger and aggression. He then let all of that anger and aggression out on the only person he could possibly find to blame,

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