Compare And Contrast Benedick And Beatrice

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Throughout the play, Hero and Beatrice change because of the lessons that they’ve learned. Their outlook on many things develop from the beginning of the play to the end. Beatrice and Hero were two cousins who lived in Italy. Hero was the model woman for this time period and Beatrice was nearly the opposite. Their battles and triumphs with relationships and how their character changes is documented throughout the play. I’m going to be comparing their personalities and their ideas on love specifically.

Beatrice and Hero’s personalities are on two different ends of the spectrum. Hero is the sweet, courteous, and silent cousin. While on the other hand, Beatrice is the bold, rowdy, and blunt cousin. In this time period, Beatrice’s sharp tongue
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They had a past relationship, yet their ties to each other had been cut because of Benedick. Unlike Hero and Claudio, Benedick and Beatrice had a history, which meant they knew each other's personality. Before they embarked on their new relationship, they would constantly bicker. The reason behind their new relationship was not by free will but it was because their love was manipulated from the outside. The friends of Beatrice and Bendick decided to speak about how they loved each other with the intentions of the two over-hearing or “noting” this information. Despite this attempt to bring the past relationship back being a game of sorts, the buried emotions appeared once again. When the two overheard the false bait of the others love, it drastically changed their ideas of each other. Benedick before this had undoubtedly decided that he would not have anything to do with a wife. There was no room for a relationship in his eyes. Similarly, Beatrice did have any interest in a husband. When conversing with Benedick, She said “I had rather hear my dog bark at a crow than a man swear he loves me.” While both were clearly very opposed to any kind of romantic relationship, they still ending up falling for each other again. Beatrice overheard Hero and Ursula talking about Benedick’s love for her in the courtyard and proceeds to strip away her disgust towards Bendick and chooses to love him. They both …show more content…
Claudio saw a man in Hero’s room and assumed He was being cheated. Instead of confronting and questioning her, He thought up a cruel plan. Claudio decided publicly humiliate her at their wedding. He yelled at her, accusing her of these horrendous acts that Hero had no part in. Her father joins in by furiously shaking her and all of this causes her to faint from the shock of these false accusations. Hero is declared dead and this leaves time for Claudio to learn that his condemnation towards Hero was incorrect. After He has time to recollect and consider his mistakes, Claudio is offered “Hero’s cousin” as his replacement wife. She apparently is a “replica” of Hero so Claudio accepts the offer. At the wedding, after He says his vows, it is revealed that the “cousin” is in fact Hero. Even though she was publicly shamed, Hero returns to Claudio. Although this seems as if Hero could not have made a worse decision, it shows her ability to forgive and forget. She gives Claudio a display of love even as he showed her false love in the past. Similar to the other couple, Beatrice and Benedick get married as well. As we have seen during the play, this love is much more genuine and true from the start. After some playful arguing, Beatrice agrees to Benedick’s proposal. We can see many differences in this just from the marriages. Hero has forgiven Claudio

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