The, The Public, Place The Best Athletes On Pedestals, By William Moller

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In "We, the Public, Place the Best Athletes on Pedestals," William Moller strongly criticizes the ". . . self-righteous media types who make a living by drumming up indignation from the masses" (Moller, 548). In addition to criticizing the media, Moller also condemns the general public for demonizing professional athletes because ". . . the reason [insert name of a professional athlete] did [or does] steroids is you and me" (Moller, 547). In other words, he claims that society is to blame for athletes ' usage of performance-enhancing drugs because "[w]e, the public, place the best athletes on pedestals, gods on high" (Moller, 547-48). Therefore, Moller argues that you and I are hypocrites because at some point in our lives, we all cheat and do wrong, yet we expect athletes to be superhuman without the aid of banned substances. While I agree with Moller 's assertions, his explanations as to why athletes use PED 's are limited, thus lacking the oomph necessary to propel his argument to a new dimension. Ultimately, fame and fortune, pressure from fans, and the human nature to desire to perform as best you can are all factors that cause athletes to use illegal stimulants.
Let 's face it: most minor league baseball players ' end goal is to play for the majors. However, this is not their only goal. They also want to become the greats; they want to be icons; they want to be inducted in the Hall of Fame. Now, envision yourself as a newbie on a baseball team no one cares about. After…

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