The, The Greatest Feeling On Earth Essay

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When service is done, the feeling in your heart and mind is the absolute greatest feeling on earth. It not only impacts the people whom the service was for, but it impacted me and that good feeling is contagious. Yes when you hear Jaret Nickoli, Nate Meyer, Logan Moffit, Jim Easler, and Max Fitzgerald, many may think TROUBLE but this experience was truly amazing and nothing was better than putting on this event with my brothers. From driving to different places trying to get sponsors and spending 10 hours setting up for our event, there were so many great outcomes, and so many people were impacted, and it changed me as a person. The result of this event and the turnout we had was fantastic. Being able to put on a large event at a young age is a huge accomplishment that not many 17 and 18 year olds have done. I was able to relate to this event because my aunt was diagnosed with Breast Cancer a few years ago and I knew the struggles she went through. I always wanted to help with Breast Cancer and I remember my whole family did this huge walk for Breast Cancer, so all of us guys decided why not do a 5k color run and have the proceeds go to Breast Cancer Research. As we were working hard planning everything our mentor, Hayden Service said “just by putting on a local 5k run, you guys are making such a big impact on those who had and are suffering from breast cancer.” The 5k color run turned out better than ever because us guys were confident, we did not put off any work and…

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