The Testament Of The Bible Essay

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The Bible is a centerpiece in my life. It is through this central piece that I regulate myself. If I want to learn about my ancestors where do I turn? The Bible. Always trying to make valuable choices where do I turn? The Bible. If I am seeking holy guidance, where do I turn? The Bible. The Bible was written by, God (a divine being). We as humans turn (Tshev) to this holy document to praise, to guide, to be guided, to govern, to be governed, to understand our past and our future, and to understand God. The Bible’s emphasis on the creation of the Jewish peoplehood is the venue through which I connect to my own holiness and to God. The sense of Jewish unity that I feel while studying from the Bible enables me to turn to the Torah in times of need, or when I need to understand Jewish law, Jewish history, or my own connection to the faith.

The Jewish Nation’s own connections to God display themselves in many forms. The Torah is something I rely on when seeking a deep connection with G-d, and somewhere I turn to when expanding my knowledge on Jewish history. When studying Torah and reading words such as, “G-d breathed into you the breath of life,”(Genesis) I feel at one with God. I feel as if a piece of God’s life started mine. Knowing God’s active role in human creation, it is evident to me that G-d cared about my own creation, and created me as an important entity. Secondly, when writing assignments for Bible, when pondering why we fast, or attempting to…

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