The Terror Of Medicine And Its Effects On Our Lives Essay

733 Words Oct 6th, 2015 3 Pages
Medicine is a very complex topic and can cause a wide range of emotions in the patients whether it is hope or absolute terror. The terror that medicine inspires in us all can cause serious issues in the decisions we make towards our own treatment and this leads to overtreatment. Fear is an intervening variable between sets of context-dependent stimuli and suites of behavioral response… is what causes the conscious experience and what causes the fear behaviors (Adolphs). In other words fear can directly affect the decisions we make because our bodies go into a state of panic when we receive anything that even remotely resembles life-threatening advice causing us to make decisions that we think could save our lives without ever thinking them through. The decisions we make out when we suddenly receive information that we may have an illness cannot be relied on as we make these decisions out of fear and reflect our own fears and may cause us to make a decision detrimental to our health. The mindset in medicine is “more is better” this is not always the case and sometimes more can even be more detrimental than too little. The purpose of this research is to (1) outline the causes behind overtreatment meaning the mindset of the people being treated, and (2) search for a way to reduce or even eliminate overtreatment without discriminating between patients that seek medical attention. The most important aspect of overtreatment is that it can lead to the death of a patient that…

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